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Manufacturer: WDP

Thoroughly field tested by Stockholm Joy Division during the 2007 NPPL and Millennium tournaments and to devastating effect in early 2008 Millenniums.


Angel designers and engineers have tried to remove as much material as possible - without compromising the structural integrity and typical design flair of the FLY.


Cycling speed, because the lighter hammer reacts even faster.

Lower Operating Pressure

Even more gentle on paint

More Efficient

1800 + shots per 68CI due to the all new Magno Valve

Less Recoil

Due to the lighter hammer which aids in reducing reciprocating mass.

Greater Accuracy

The lighter hammer results in considerably less recoil and increased accuracy.

Improved Traction Control

All new fly paper creates even more stability - improved feel and touch in wet greasy conditions – replaceable inserts in the important gun/player interface areas.

Zero Lateral Trigger Movement

All new trigger and trigger retention mechanism - NEW super-lightweight blade style trigger incorporates the standard ANGEL four way adjustability and the NEW mounting mechanism which results in absolutely ZERO lateral movement.

New In Line Regulator

Now features a standard thread regulator mount which allows you easy access to the regulator internals for easy servicing and maintenance.

Even Kinder on Fragile Paint

Completely re-designed valve system - the Magno Valve uses magnetic repulsion to assist in valve closure. The advantages being lower pressure operation. Couple this with the incredible KISS Technolgy and the FLY will shoot more fragile paint than any other marker on the planet.

Re-Designed Micro-Arm Lever Lock Feed Tube Clamp

Lighter and smaller and less likely to be inadvertently snagged open.

Composite Barrel Tip

Super light, super accurate composite barrel tip by SLY.

Three Piece Eye Cover Straps
Contact us for available colors
The Facts about the new Angel Fly
The Fly name is one that’s been around since the early days of Angels, one which was put on a smaller, lighter version of the model out at the time. It also gives APS an opportunity to implement any improvements they’ve come up with over the course of the year, without releasing an entirely new platform. The A1 Fly is the culmination of everything that Angel Paintball Sports knows about paintball markers.

While the A1 was a fine marker, like anything else it wasn’t perfect. The efficiency was a bit weak, and the relatively high operating pressure caused it to be pretty noisy. The Fly has taken this into account and eradicated them by coming stock with the Magno Valve and ram assembly, which were sold as upgrade parts for the A1. The Magno allows the A1 to operate at around 180psi, which is a full 100 pounds less than the stock unit, it also replaces the poppet spring with a magnet which requires far less force to open. This means you can now use a lighter hammer as well as less ram pressure, which means the marker will have quite a bit less kick when fired. The primary intent of the low pressure valve is to create a more efficient Angel, and it does!! The Fly got roughly 1700 shots out of a 68 cubic inch 4500 psi Crossfire tank, which according to our research is a roughly 35 percent improvement over the A1, and as good if not better than most other markers available. A happy side effect to the Magno valve is a much quieter, lower pitched sound signature, though not nearly silent like some other guns it’s a huge improvement over the previous model.

Obviously, if you’re naming something the Fly it had better be one of two things, an insect that loves to eat rotting matter or really light. While I can’t guarantee the review model didn’t actually devour any dead meat when we had it, it was quite light though, tipping the scales at just over two pounds. Almost any bit of excess material on the body has been removed and APS has provided a carbon fiber barrel tip in order to trim every possible ounce. The dipterous features do exist though, with the extensive use of what APS calls Flypaper on all of the common hold points. This Flypaper is very similar to grip tape that you might find on the decks of skateboards or on metal stairs and it creates a very high traction surface to hold onto as well as an interesting accent material. While some might not be into the aesthetics of the Flypaper, we found it to be a neat idea, and it definitely provides the most traction we’ve ever felt on a set of grips even when they were completely covered in slippery paint.

We took the Fly to the local outdoor field on a nice fall day and had a great time with it; the velocity was easily set through the inline regulator in just a couple turns of the provided three millimeter hex key. Equally as easy to set was the desired firing mode and game timer as the A1 Fly has an OLED screen that tells you in a clear and concise manner what parameter you are changing and what it’s being changed to. Instead of pressing buttons to change a setting, the A1 Fly uses a scroll wheel similar to that of a PDA to scroll through the options, which is a bit more organic feeling. Another nice feature that comes with the Fly is the option of using one of the three different sized barrel backs provided, and while they’re all on the large side of things (to allow the use of super brittle paint), it’s nice to be given choices. During the course of the day we used a couple different Draxxus brand paints and with all of them we experienced very good accuracy, even at ranges over 100 feet. This is exciting for me, because the last Angel I owned was a ‘05 Speed, and it didn’t shoot all that well at range, the low pressure valve really seems to have done the trick. As discussed earlier, the efficiency is quite good out of the box, and according to what I’ve been told it will get even better after the regulators have broken in. As one would expect with any Angel, the rate of fire was nothing short of awesome, especially mated with the DYE Rotor we used in testing. We were easily able to reach rates of fire in the 20+ balls per second range on more than one occasion in the semi auto firing mode, in PSP mode, uncapped, it was the definition of insanity.

It looks like APS has finally made the complete package again, it took them a while to get back on track with a marker that does everything a discerning paintball player needs it to do, but the A1 Fly is the real deal. Sure it’s still flashy and it isn’t easy on the wallet either, but that comes with being an Angel, if you want low cost subtlety there are plenty of other markers out there that’ll fit that bill. If you’re looking to turn heads with both cosmetics and performance the A1 Fly might just be what’s in your future.
Angel A1 Fly
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