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Tippmann A-5 Stealth Paintball Gun

Tippmann A-5 Stealth Paintball Gun
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Manufacturer: Tippmann
Manufacturer Part No: Tippmann A-5

Package Includes:

The black Tippmann A-5™ Stealth Marker is top of the line. Its patented Cyclone® Feed System links the feeder sprocket to the air system, giving it the power to unleash a fury of balls as fast as you can fire them. The Tippmann A-5™ Stealth Marker also includes a collapsible stock kit, the patented Flatline™ Barrel attachment, which creates backspin for longer, straighter shots, and a remote hoseline attachment. It can also be completely stripped and reassembled in the field in 60 seconds - without tools.

With its all aluminum die cast receiver and extra-sturdy black finish, the Tippmann A-5™ Stealth Marker is not only high end, but also one of the toughest markers available. Other features include a shock-absorbing end cap for reduced wear and recoil; front-cocking knob, which allows for a fully enclosed receiver; and a 200-round wide-mouth hopper. In addition, it can be upgraded with many different accessories including, but not limited to, double trigger, Response™ Trigger System (grip not included), E-Grip, low pressure kit and expansion chamber kit. Its fully-compatible for CO2, compressed air, or nitrogen, and is completely customizable for enhanced performance

Note:  Free freight does not apply to Tippmann guns. A $5.00 freight charge will be added to your order.

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